Children’s Dental Health is Getting Worse! And parents are allowing it, WOW

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Hello Edmonds, Shoreline , Lynnwood and the Seattle Metro area.

Happy March!! Complete Dentistry loves March, because for us it s the start of spring , meaning better weather ahead. Thant being said, this months Blog post has to do with preventative care for the KIDS .

In the Pacific Northwest our children’s dental health is behind the rest of the US. The average family is not seeking pediatric dental care ( kids dentistry ) until on average 4th grade, that is DANGEROUS!!

Children need to be seen by their first birthday , and twice yearly after that. The focus on children needs to be on preventative care to keep them healthy in both the mouth and body for the rest of life. A recent study by Delta Dental shows alarming data for 2013.

The study found greater than 1/3 of kids ages 5 to 17 are at higher risk for tooth decay.The study’s findings include the following:

– 75% of children ages 5 to 18 are not receiving two fluoride treatments a year.
– 65% of children ages 6 to 10 did not receive sealants on their adult molars.
– 80% of children ages 11 to 15 did not receive sealants on their second molars.
(Sealants seal the deep grooves in teeth, decreasing the chance for cavity causing bacteria to invade and damage.)

Additionally, the study found that nearly 2 million of Delta Dental’s adult enrollees are at higher risk for periodontal disease ( gum infection that leads to tooth loss) , yet half did not receive two or more dental cleanings per year. Why is this happening, especially when these are covered benefits ( FREE!!!) to families with dental insurance and averages less than $99 dollars per year for a child without dental insurance, or roughly $8.25 dollars per month. For roughly $8 a month , your child can avoid decay, tooth loss, gum disease, and the associated dental bills with treatment.

More astoundingly, Complete Dentistry piggy backed on this study some data of our own. Families are spending on average $1164 on cable/internet and $417 on video games and movies per year. That ratio is dangerous for your children. So $131.75 for entertainment in comparison to $8.25 for pivotal dental health care. We need to do better as a society, and move on to taking better care of our oral health.

Kids at higher risk for tooth decay and tooth loss, including kids who have had recent fillings. Kids should receive at least two fluoride treatments per year, along with sealants on their first and second permanent molars, according to the American Dental Association and common sense.

Delta Dental has an online tool to help people assess their caries risk and learn about oral health, and we strongly urge our patients to check it out.

For busy families and moms, Complete Dentistry offers evening and Saturday appointments, we want to do our part to change these scary statistics. Feel free to contact our team with any questions, and until then Keep Flossing puget sound!
Dr Ryan Etue, DMD


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