Its a New Year- Time to ReFocus on our Smile!!!!

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Hello Seattle, Northgate , Shoreline, Edmonds, Bothell, Mt Lake Terrace, Lynnwood, and Everett and Happy New Year!!!

As the start of a new year has finally come and we are all still above ground
( sorry Mayans- next time try a calculator 🙂 ) it time to re-foucs on our health, and specifically our teeth. There is no better time to set goals for our oral health, so that we can maintain a healthy and functioning mouth.

First and fore most, making the commitment to visit your dentist twice a year is a fantastic start. Making your bi-annual visit to the dentist provides a way to care for healthy teeth, maintain our smile , and prevent future disasters that can have life changing impacts. Without these dental check ups, our teeth are subject to decay and gum disease, that in the majority of instances, have absolutely no sign or symptoms to my unsuspecting patients.

Tooth decay and gum disease, if left untreated also effect other parts of our body. These conditions are essentially chronic infections that can destroy our ability to live a healthy happy life. With damage or loss of our teeth and gums, we are forced to shift our diet to softer , processed foods. With these dietary changes, comes weight gain, high blood pressure and diabetes . These are preventable conditions, and by keeping our teeth healthy we are able to eat the natural foods we require to sustain optimal health: like fruits , vegetables , and nuts.

Make the commitment to your teeth and your overall health, it is a simple choice that yields life long positive dividends!! Dr Etue and team make it easy for you to obtain these goals and keep your teeth, mind , and body healthy.
Complete Dentistry in the Edmonds, Shoreline area provide comprehensive, conservative dentistry tailored to your needs. With evening and saturday hours, its easy to begin this refocus on your oral health. Complete Dentistry and Dr Etue also offer same day emergency care and sedation or “sleep” dentistry to ensure all our patients needs are met.

Finally in this dawn of a new year, treat yourself!! We only go around once, so enjoy it and feel confident in yourself. And what better way to add a bit of self confidence than through a bright , brilliant smile!!! Complete Dentistry provides FREE LIFE TIME TOOTH WHITENING just by having your teeth cleaned and your teeth checked. You can’t beat it, a conservative and free way to give you the smile you have dreamed of. And the best part is, you are protecting your teeth and your body at the same time!!! This is a no brainer, a “win win” in the very sense of the word.

Take some time and re-focus and reward yourself in 2013 and know that Dr Etue and the entire team at Complete Dentistry in Edmonds is here to help you all the way!

Until next time Puget Sound, keep flossing

Dr Ryan Etue, DMD


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