Kids-2At Complete Dentistry, Dr. Etue and his team enjoy caring for children. We see children ages 10 and up. We have a unique way to provide comfortable care to children with a focus on being gentle, positive, and patient. This allows children to develop trust with Dr. Etue.

The Complete Dentistry Kids Protocol is a cutting edge way to keep kids cavity free and patients at ease. A “tell, show, and do” model is used allowing children to see what will be used, touch the tools, and feel how easy and comfortable dentistry should be. Children thrive in a comfortable environment where they can learn early how valuable their teeth are and in turn how to care for them.

Even our most anxious little people do well after some patience. Dr. Etue focuses on positive reinforcement of good hygiene and cleanings twice yearly. All children are offered a “prize” for their visit as a thank you from the entire team.

Kids Amenities:Kids-1

  • Free “Happy Gas” ( nitrous oxide)
  • iPads and Game Tablets
  • Short Appointments
  • Coloring
  • Monitors in every room for cartoons

Complete Dentistry KIDS Gentle Dental Services:

  • Teeth Cleanings
  • Protective Sealants – these help prevent cavities on new adult teeth
  • Fluoride – this protect the teeth and remineralizes our outer coating from the acids in our mouth
  • Non Metal Fillings – if a cavity does occur, a tooth colored filling to repair the tooth
  • Tooth Colored Crowns – if you little one has a “Silver Tooth” , Dr Etue can change it to a tooth colored, non metal crown
  • Preventative Education – all kids learn about proper brushing and starting in the early grade school years , healthy teeth diets

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