Complete Dentistry is the Puget Sound Saturday Dentist!

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Complete Dentistry is your Saturday Dentist! Hello Puget Sound! Here comes Winter!! Complete Dentistry is the Edmonds area Saturday dentist! Don’t forget to use those dental insurance benefits before year end. Keep your teeth healthy and your smile bright. If you allow your dental insurance to not be used, it’s like throwing money in the […]

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Dental Membership

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What if I don’t have dental insurance? Hello Puget Sound!! Today I want to follow up on some previous dental insurance discussions. All of us at Complete Dentistry understand that dental insurance can be hard to come by. We also understand that dentistry is a part of life and that most people would not turn […]

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Complete Dentistry is your Saturday Dentist!

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Saturday Dentist appointments Hello Puget Sound!! We are your Saturday dentist, now open each and every Saturday for dentistry in Edmonds, Washington for all you routine and emergency dental needs. We accept all insurance, and are able to provide no interest financing on Saturdays as well. Please feel free to pop in an introduce yourself […]

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Does My Dental Insurance Cover it???

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I’ve heard this question a million times. What does it mean, what is dental insurance, and what can I do with it, are more appropriate questions to ask yourself. What is dental insurance? Dental insurance is a benefit that your employer has provided you or you have purchased as a consumer good, much like car […]

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I’ve been thinking of tooth whitening, BUT ???????

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Questions about tooth whitening? Dr. Etue answers them! Is tooth whitening for me? You have been noticing that those pearly whites of yours don’t seem as brilliant as they can be. Do you walk into a room full of people and feel uneasiness in your stomach? It’s a dreadful experience knowing that you’ll have to […]

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Oh NO!! I have a cavity??

Written by on September 20, 2012 in General Dentistry

So Dr Etue tells you, ” Mrs Jones, you have a cavity, and we need to take care of this as soon as possible.” What in the heck does this mean? And if I can’t feel anything, how could I get a cavity?? Well, you are in luck, because here is the basic break down. […]

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