Children’s Dental Health is Getting Worse! And parents are allowing it, WOW

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Hello Edmonds, Shoreline , Lynnwood and the Seattle Metro area. Happy March!! Complete Dentistry loves March, because for us it s the start of spring , meaning better weather ahead. Thant being said, this months Blog post has to do with preventative care for the KIDS . In the Pacific Northwest our children’s dental health […]

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Study finds the “DRILL ” sounds cause the majority of dental anxiety

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Happy New year Edmonds, Shorline , and the Seattle Metro area. Hopefully, 2014 is off to a great start for everyone. I wanted to share with our readers a study that sheds some definitive light on why the majority of people fear the dentist.Neuroscientists have found that the sounds of dental instruments , especially dental […]

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Erectile Dysfunction and Gum Disease- The scary connection

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Hello Edmonds, Lynwood, Shoreline, Mt Lake Terrace, Seattle, and the entire Puget Sound!! Complete Dentistry and Dr Ryan Etue are both hoping everyone is enjoying this wonderful summer. 35 straight days of sun, WOW!!! In today’s blog post , we wanted to cover a growing problem with today’s male. After age 28, erectile disfunction can […]

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Supplements- Is there any Concern?

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Happy 4th of July!! Our weather has been spectacular and hopefully everyones been enjoying all the sun. I thought it was time to address a topic I see every day in practice, Supplements!! Supplements have taken over. Every grocery store, pharmacy, Costco, and even gas stations are selling millions of dollars every year. The question […]

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Kissing- Is it dangerous ?

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Welcome to Summer and Hello again from Dr Etue and Complete Dentistry, I m asked every day if kissing can be dangerous. If kissing a spouse or a child can transmit disease. I thought as summer begins it s time to tackle this dilemma head on. We all love kissing, so here are the facts- […]

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What we Eat, Effects our Teeth

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What we Eat, Effects our Teeth

Happy Spring Puget Sound, We are absolutely loving this spring and hope you all are too!! In today’s blog post, we need to discuss the connection between healthy teeth and our diet. And, yes there is a connection, a big one!! A strong connection exists between the food people eat and their oral/dental health, according […]

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Implant Questions Answered by Dr Etue

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Hello and Happy Spring Hopefully, the end of winter was tolerable, and we all came out dry!! I thought the start of spring is a good time to focus on implants. I choose this topic because , spring is a new beginning and implants represent a new beginning for your mouth and your life. I […]

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Your Fluoride Questions Answered

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Hello Edmonds, Shoreline, and all of King and Snohomish counties, Outside of metal restorations and X-rays, the third most debated topic in Oral Health is the use of Fluoride. What is it? Why do we need it? Lets take a look at this valuable mineral and explore. Since the 1940’s Fluoride has been a crucial […]

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Dental X-Rays- Are they Dangerous?!!? Do I really need X-rays??

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Hello Edmonds, Seattle, King and Snohomish counties, I here today to chat about dental x rays, and the real skinny on radiation and what is and isn’t true concerning this media darling of a topic. First and foremost , before we go any further- YES!!!! Dental X- rays are needed and VERY important to both […]

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Its a New Year- Time to ReFocus on our Smile!!!!

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Hello Seattle, Northgate , Shoreline, Edmonds, Bothell, Mt Lake Terrace, Lynnwood, and Everett and Happy New Year!!! As the start of a new year has finally come and we are all still above ground ( sorry Mayans- next time try a calculator 🙂 ) it time to re-foucs on our health, and specifically our teeth. […]

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